Electronic Rock Shear Apparatus

Product description:

Electronic Rock Shear Apparatus

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The new generation of rock and concrete testing equipment developed by computer controlled electronic rock direct shears according to national industry standards (SL264-2001), rock test rules for water conservancy and hydropower projects , (JTG E41-2005) rock test rules for highway engineering, and by using dual-channel AC servo motor driving technology (first in China), sensor technology, computer controlled and software-processing technology. Can be used for direct shear tests of rock structures (such as joints, layers, inside, inside, crack surfaces, etc.), rock and concrete or mortar and other rubber joints and shear strength test of material bonding surface.
Test standard:
SL264-2001, JTG E41-2005
Technical parameters:

Normal load 6~300kn(2-100%fs)
Normal overload protection Overfill 2%
Transverse load Overfill 2%
Transverse overload protection Sixth gear
Transverse work schedule 0~150mm
Normal space ≤450mm
Transverse space ≤200mm
Shear load speed 0.01kn/s~30kn/s(adjustable)
Load indication accuracy ±1%
Load value resolution  1/500000 Maximum test force
Displacement measurement  accuracy ±1%
Displacement resolution 0.005μm
Deformation measurement error ±1%
Deformation resolution 1/500000 Maximum deformation
Deformation measurement range 2-100%fs
Machine weight 900kg
Outline dimension 1100x702x1800mm