WYW-300 Microcomputer Controlled Constant Stress Exhaust Duct Pressure Tester

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WYW-300 Microcomputer Controlled Constant Stress Exhaust Duct Pressure Tester

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WYW-300 exhaust flue pressure testing machine is professionally manufactured by our company for exhaust flue products. It is mainly used for the mechanical performance test of glass fiber reinforced cement exhaust pipe finished products, which meets the standard requirements of "JC / T854-2008". Test the vertical bearing capacity and compressive strength of the exhaust pipe.
The test machine is controlled by a microcomputer to achieve constant load and constant rate test requirements; it can be continuously loaded smoothly, with automatic display of experimental data, automatic collection and storage of data, drawing of curves, automatic printing of test reports, and computer control of the test process in a timely manner Display test force and test curve, accurate and scientific test, easy and convenient operation.
Applicable standards:
JC / T854-2008 "glass fiber reinforced cement exhaust pipe"
GB / T5464-2010 "Test method for non-combustibility of building materials"
GBT / 15231-2008 "Test method for performance of glass fiber reinforced cement"
JG T 194-2006 "Exhaust ducts in residential kitchens and bathrooms"
1. Host structure: frame type
2. Maximum test force: 300KN
3. Test force accuracy: ≤ ± 1%
4. Operating system: computer control
5. Measuring range: 10% -100% of the maximum test force
6. Accuracy level: level 1
7. Accuracy of test force: better than ± 1% of indicated value
8. Force resolution: 0.1N
9. Displacement measurement: resolution is 0.01mm
10. Space adjustment mechanism: electric adjustment
11. Piston no-load moving speed: 0 ~ 60mm / min;
12. Piston loading and moving speed: 0 ~ 60mm / min;
13. Piston stroke: 200mm
14. The distance between the columns: 700mm (can be customized according to customer needs)
15. Space of upper and lower pressure plate: 1600mm (can be customized according to customer needs)
16. Pressure plate size: 650 * 650 (can be customized according to customer needs)
17. Test protection function: overload protection
18. Safety protection device: limit switch
Working conditions:
1) Within the range of 10 ~ 35 ° at room temperature.
2) In a vibration-free environment.
3). There is no corrosive medium and magnetic field interference around.
4) The fluctuation range of the power supply voltage is less than ± 10% of the rated voltage.
5). The foundation should be smooth and firm.