YES-100/YES-200/YES-300 digital display compression testing machine

Product description:

Main Application YES-300 digital display compression testing machine mainly used for concrete rupturestrengthtesting,cement, plastic sand,and red brick building materials compression resist testing. W

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Main Application
Digital display compression testing machine mainly used for brick, cement, concrete construction material and other material compression resist testing.
Widely used in metallurgy, building materials, space flight and aviation, colleges and universities, R&D institution lines. The test operation and data processing meets standard requirements.
Feature:The test data is not only could displayed on LCD directly, but also could be displayed on computer screen.

Main Technical Parameters

Model YES-100 YES-200 YES-300
Max. Load 100kN 200kN 300kN
Range of test force 4-100kN 8-200kN 12-300kN
Test space adjusting mode Block adjustment test space
Control mode Manual control loading process
Value repeatability error ≤±1%
Loading speed 0.3KN/S~10KN/S
Loading speed error ±5%
Piston stroke 60mm
Max compression space between two plates 180
Working table size 150mm×200mm
Dimension 1200x550x1400mm
Main configuration:
Main unit and oil source control cabinet 1 set
High precision compression sensor 1 pc
English version operate instrument 1 suit
Micro printers 1 set
Specialized compression attachment 1 suit
Bending fixture 1 suit(Optional)
Accompany tools 1 suit
Accompany documents 1suit
PC stand-alone software 1 set
Connection line between PC and machine 1 pcs