WAW-1000A/1500A/2000A Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

Product description:

Universal Testing Machine

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1.Introduction Application
WAW-1000A/1500A/2000A Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine is ideal for high-capacity tension,
compression, bend/flex, and shear testing.
It accords with the correspondent requirements of BS, EN, ISO, ASTM,JIS and many other testing methods.
These frames feature dual spaces so users can quickly change between tension and compression testing
without having to remove heavy fixtures.

Metals-(wire, rod, tube,strip, plate, strip)
Fasteners (tensile, proof,single and double shear)
Construction materials(reinforcement bar, wire,mesh, folding,compression of concrete and components)
Nonmetal materials , and more

3.Technical Specifications

Model WAW-1000A WAW-1500A WAW-2000A
Control Way Constant stress uniform deformation constant displacement three closed loop control and program control dealing
Max. Load(kN) 1000 1500 2000
Load accuracy Class 1
Load range 2%~100%F·S
Load resolution Capacity/300, 000 (fully auto scaling of single measurement
Deformation Measurement Range 2%~100%FS
Stroke 250mm
Test speed(mm/min) 0-80
Max. Tension Test Space (mm)
1400 1400 1000
Compression space 1200 1200 800
Nominal maximum specimen sizes Diamater(mm) Φ13-26,Φ26-45,
Φ20~Φ50, Φ50~Φ80, Φ80~Φ110