WLN-5 Medical Bone Screw Axial Tension And Torsion Testing Machine

Product description:

Torsion Testing Machine

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1. Application
Mainly used to test the torsion strength of medical bone nails, insert torsion and remove torsion, axial tensile strength and self-tapping performance testing.
Simple multi-axis testing is often necessary to test the performance of a variety of devices such as pharmaceutical and surgical products, electronic components, and packaging. Across all industries, the development of new products and materials demands stringent standard-based and functional testing with a need for increased breadth of capability in testing equipment. For example, some of these standards, such as such as ISO 80369 for lure connectors, requires that the test is performed with both axial and torsion control.

2. Standard
Standard ISO 6475:1989《Implants for surgery-Metal bone screws with asymmetrical thread and spherical under-surface-Mechanical requirements and test methods》 
ASTM F543-02 《Standard Specification Test Methods for Metallic Medical Bone Screws》
3. Specification

Model WLN-5
Structure Single column
Max. Tensile and compression Load 1500N
Max torque 5NM
Load accuracy Class 0.5