ASTM C633 Thermal Spray Coatings Adhesion Testing

ASTM C633 determines the degree of adhesion or bonding strength of a coating to a substrate or the cohesion strength of the coating in a tension normal to the surface. ASTM C633 is used for comparing adhesion or cohesion strengths of coatings of similar types of thermal spray materials.

ASTM C633 is a test method used in quality control, acceptance testing, developing thermal spray coatings and comparing adhesion or cohesion of adhesion thermal spray coating materials. The purpose of this standard is to aid in testing bond strength of thermal spray coatings.

Bonding strength of thermal spray determines the adhesive strength between the coating and substrate. This is determined with a peel test. Cohesion strength of thermal spray is a measurement of tensile strength of the adhesive coating.

An electromechanical universal test machine can be used to measure cohesion strength of a coating.

ASTM C633 Thermal Spray Coatings Adhesion Testing

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