GBS-60 Digital Display Cupping Testing Machine

GBS-60 Digital Display Cupping Testing Machine
GBS-60 Digital Display Cupping Testing Machine
GBS-60 Digital Display Cupping Testing Machine
Application & Features:
The cupping testing machine is used to test extend and stretch capacity of metal thin plate and band. It is the only instrument to test the metal’s plastic deformation. Also it can be used to test non-ferrous metals anisotropic character if adding impact cup mould. The machine adopts high precision raster measure instrument to test Erichsen value so it has a high testing precision. It adopts the electric control machinery onload and LCD spoke sensor so it raised the testing precision of the main test force and accuracy of controlling sample breaking.

ISO20482: 2003 Metallic materials-Sheet and strip-Erichsen Cupping Test, GB/T4156-2007 Metallic materials-Sheet and strip-Erichsen Cupping Test.

1.Use a servo motor to load instead of hydraulic piston and cylinder;
2. Change oil pressure cylinder to load cell, more precision and reliable;
3.Auto stop when crack appears, convenient to observe the crack;
4.With peak value memory function, like max. punch load, max. deformation deep etc;
5,Turnover grips, punch and sample is easy to change;


Model GBS-60
Specimen thickness 0.1-2mm
Max Specimen width 100mm
Max Punch stroke 60mm
Clamping piston stroke 19-21mm
Max. punching load 60Kn
Max. clamping load 25Kn
Standard punch diameter Φ20±0.05mm
Standard cushion mold hole diameter Φ33±0.1mm
Standard press mold hole diameter Φ27±0.05mm
Display resolution 0.01mm
Speed 2-100mm/min
Display resolution 0.01mm
Display mode LCD display
Display value Clamping force, stamping force, displacement and cup drawing value, speed rate
Control mode Manul adjust speed rate, Automatic adjust and record cup drawing value
Structure Composite cylinder, double oil pump supply oil, grating measurement


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