Multi-functional Weather Acclerated UV Chamber

Multi-functional Weather Acclerated UV Chamber
Multi-functional Weather Acclerated UV Chamber
Multi-functional Weather Acclerated UV Chamber


Favorably Priced Environmental Chamber Weather Aging UV Chamber is another type of light aging testing machine simulating lighting,mainly UV in sunlight.  It is able to simulate the damage created by nature rain and dew via
exposing test samples to under-controlled interaction cycle of sunlight and moisture and rising
temperature.  The UV weather test chamber adopts Ultraviolet fluorescent to simulate sunlight and,
at the same time simulate moisture influence through condensation or spray.
Technical indicators:
Exposure Temperature


Condensing temperature


Humidity range ≥95%RH
Distances between samples and lamp


UV lamp 290~400mm (UVA,UVB or UVC); 8 piece, 40W
Effective radiation test area


Standard testing slip 75×150mm
Tank shell material SUS stainless steel spray treatment
Liner material SUS stainless steel plate
Cover material SUS stainless steel spray treatment
Size inside 450 ×1165×500mm
Size outside 600×1325×1480mm
Water supply and consumption 8 liters of clean water or distilled water / day (customer supplied)
Control Systems TR-TOD LCD display, intuitive man-machine dialogue touchtone input

Test Conditions:
1.  test sample fixed to the test rack fixture.  when the sample holder is not filled with the
sample faced with fluorescent light , you need to use the blackboard to fill the sample holder, keep
the chamber inner wall closed.
2 test temperature.  Illumination can be 50,60,70 ℃ three temperatures, priority recommended
60 ℃;  condensed phase temperature Degree is 50 ℃, the temperature uniformity tolerance of ± 3
3. Each condensation cycle selectable illumination light 4H, 4H condensation or 8H light, 4H
condensing: two kinds of cycles.
4 After the first light 400 ~ 450H, every row need to be replaced with a fluorescent lamp.  Other
lamps in accordance with the light cycle and replace
Way to replace the lamp to compensate for losses caused by lamp aging.  This mode of operation
is to ensure that each lamp life is between 1600 ~
5 When replacing the lamp, a water dish should be dry and clean, avoid the formation of scale.
Test samples and performance evaluation for Buyer
1. Appearance assessment: the appearance of the coating is mainly assessed, and can also be visually assessed Plastic and Rubber necessary.  The check
project is mainly for gloss, color change, chalking, spots, blisters, cracks and dimensional
stability, etc.  Should try to use the instrument to do Quantitative detection, such as gloss,
2 Evaluation of the mechanical and other properties: tensile strength of general rubber material,
elongation, hardness measurement, the measurement red plastic
Impact strength, elongation at break, tensile strength, flexural strength, if necessary, may
require additional performance testing projects.

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