Small UV Aging Testing Machine

Small UV Aging Testing Machine
Small UV Aging Testing Machine
Small UV Aging Testing Machine

Product introduction:
The UV aging testing machine is used to simulate the damage of the sunlight,rain and dew to the non-metal materials which is widely used in the industry such as rubber, printing ink, plastic, paint, packaging, medical and so on.
The testing materials are placed in a certain environment which the light and moisture are alternating.  For the reason that the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight are the main factors causing the oxidative degradation of the polymer and the water an important factor in accerating aging,so the UV aging testing machine can easily simulate the aging process during the outdoor exposure. Owing to the reasons above, the UV aging testing machine has practical value in testing the relative weathering resistance of the different test specimen.
Corresponding standards:
The UV aging testing machine accords with the standard of ASTM G53-77, GB/T 14522-1993 and ISO 11507.1997.
Main features:
1. Simulated sunlight:
The damage of the material durability is mainly caused by the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight. We use UV lamps to simulate sunlight in the ultraviolet part of the short wave. It produces very little visible or infrared spectral energy. We can choose according to differnt requirements of different wavelengths of ultraviolet light because each lamp in the total energy and wavelength of UV radiation are not the same.
2. UV lamp type:
UVA-340 lamp:UVA-340 lamp can simulate short-wave UV light in the sunlight excellently.
UVB-313 lamp:UVB-313 lamps are usually issued by short-wave UV radiation than the Earth's surface in the strong solar ultraviolet radiation,which can speed up the greatest degree of material aging. UVB-313 lamps are mainly used for quality control, research and development.
UVA-351 lamp:UVA-351 lamps are used to simulate the UV sunlight through windows. It is effective in testing the aging of the indoor materials.
3. Moisture condensation environment
Technical parameters:
Power:   1.65KW
UV lamp quantity:    3 pcs
Ultraviolet wave length:    290nm~400nm
Water consumption:    47L/min
center distance to specimen:    155mm
Specimen standard dimension:    75*150mm
Test capacity:    24 pcs
UV lamp temperature:     40°C~60°C
Turret speed:    >3r.p.m
Maximum testing time display:    999.9h
Maximum intermittent spray time:    99H59Min
Dimension:(W*D*H)    840*420*565mm
Weight:    53Kg


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