HSTP35 Porosity Testing Machine

HSTP35 Porosity Testing Machine
HSTP35 Porosity Testing Machine
HSTP35 Porosity Testing Machine


It uses compressed air as the power source and a gas-liquid booster pump as the pressure source. Theinputwater pressure is 80 times proportional to the driving air source pressure. By adjusting the driving air source pressure, the corresponding boosted water pressure can be obtained. Whenthe driving air source pressure is balanced with the boosted liquid pressure, the booster pumpstopschargingand the input water pressure stabilizes at the preset pressure. Therefore, it has the characteristics of explosion-proof, adjustable output pressure, small size, light weight,simple operation, reliable performance and wide range of use.

Main parameters:

Pressurized medium

Water, alcohol

Power source

0.4-0.8Mpa clean compressed air

Output pressure calculation formula

80 times driving air pressure

Maximum test pressure


Maximum flow


Maximum air consumption


Compressed air interface

Φ12 quick-plug connector

Liquid high pressure outlet

NP1/4 internal thread

Hyperbaric chamber size

inner diameter 200mm, height 300mm

Holding time requirement

6 hours


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