HSTC-200C Vertical Flammability Testing Machine

HSTC-200C Vertical Flammability Testing Machine
HSTC-200C Vertical Flammability Testing Machine
HSTC-200C Vertical Flammability Testing Machine

The intelligent vertical combustion tester is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of IEC60950-1, UL94, IEC60707, IEC60695-2-2, GB5169, ISO1210 and other standards. It is to measure the degree of damage of the sample as well as the linear burning rate and afterflame/afterglow time of the sample. Used to conduct horizontal and vertical flammability tests on rubber or plastic material parts of electrical equipment and appliances. The product box shell is spray-coated iron plate and equipped with a transparent observation window. The combustion, afterflame and afterburning time are integrated into the touch screen display. The device has beautiful appearance, easy use and reliable performance. Test products include: flame retardant performance tests on plastic parts on wires and cables, electrical appliances, and electrical products, engineering plastics, and rubber materials.

1.Control method: Taiwan Weilun touch screen (7-inch color screen) + PLC;
2. Operation type: electronic remote control;
3. Bunsen burner lamp holder: diameter 9.5mm±0.5mm, length from the air inlet upwards is about 100mm;
4. Burner angle: 0~45° (manual adjustment, with scale);
5. Ignition bedding board: standard medical cotton;
6. Combustion gas: 98% methane standard gas or 37MJ/m3±1MJ/m3 natural gas or propane (self-prepared gas);
7. Gas flame temperature gradient: from 100℃±2℃ to 700℃±3℃, it takes 44s±2.0s or 54s±2.0s or according to the customized standard requirements (need to be verified with a temperature calibration device);
8. Temperature calibration verification device: imported instrument automatic control, equipped with φ5.5mm, 1.76±0.01g or φ9mm, 10.00±0.05g standard copper head (optional parts not recommended);
9. Thermocouple for temperature calibration verification: Ø0.5mm, K type, imported insulated high temperature resistant armored thermocouple (optional);


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