HST-MLW-400A Computer Controlled Capillary Rheometer

HST-MLW-400A Computer Controlled Capillary Rheometer
HST-MLW-400A Computer Controlled Capillary Rheometer
HST-MLW-400A Computer Controlled Capillary Rheometer

1. Application:

1.1. This machine is suitable for measuring the shear rate of plastics and polymer materials and the fluidity of melts under shear stress under certain temperature conditions, including the apparent viscosity of thermoplastic plastics and the apparent viscosity of thermosetting materials.

1.2. This rheometer is a computer-controlled intelligent capillary rheometer. It can work under constant pressure, constant speed, constant temperature, different heating rates, different temperatures, different shear rates, etc. The software can automatically measure different Detection parameters such as pressure, temperature, speed, etc. of plastics in different die environments. The software automatically draws curves, saves and prints data, etc.

1.3. Machine models with different specifications (low temperature type, high temperature type, different pressures, different material rod diameters, etc.) can be customized according to user requirements. This model is a low-pressure, single-pressure-head, single-dwelling structure;

2. Features:

2.1. The data collection frequency is high (more than 100PPS), which can more accurately record the transformation points of materials in different states without missing key material state transformation points; accurately calculate the apparent viscosity at different shear rates;

2.2. It can realize the superposition of multiple data curves and coordinate display in multiple curve forms.

2.3. The load loading device of this instrument is reasonably designed, using high-precision pressure sensors for data collection, eliminating the traditional load sensor collection; software and hardware double closed loops to achieve stepless adjustment of speed and loading force; both manual and automatic methods can be used. A kind of loading control, convenient, fast and accurate. Inductive manual displacement adjustment;

2.4. Regarding the coordinate axes of the shear viscosity and shear rate curves: During the test, the coordinate axes are normal coordinate axes. When the laboratory is over, if you want to view the log coordinate axis image, you can directly adjust the log coordinate axis through the mouse, so that you can use Observe the image in two ways, and set the lowest point of the coordinate axis with the mouse after the test.

2.5. The whole machine adopts a single-column swing-head desktop structure, which has a more beautiful appearance, stronger stability, convenient cleaning, and is easier to transport and install.

2.6. Scalability: This instrument can be expanded into a wire drawing instrument without changing the host machine.

3. Main technical parameters and accuracy:

3.1. Temperature range: room temperature ~ 400(can be customized according to user requirements, price negotiable)

3.2. Heating rate: 1-10/min, continuously adjustable and capable of rapid heating

3.3. Temperature measurement display accuracy: 0.1

3.4. Pressure range: 1-50MPa±0.5%

3.5. Maximum driving force: 5KN

3.6. Pressure measurement accuracy: ±0.5%FS

3.7. Pressure resolution: 0.1Mpa

3.8. Speed range: 0.01-500mm/min

3.9. Deformation measurement accuracy: ±0.5%FS

3.10. Plug head diameter: φ12 mm (can be customized according to user requirements, price negotiable)

3.11. Plug head area: 113.04mm2

3.12. Discharge port mold specifications: Ø 1×5, Ø 1×10, Ø1×20, Ø1×40 (mm×mm)

(Can be customized according to user requirements, price negotiable)

3.13. Discharge die material: tungsten carbide

3.14. Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, power <1000W

3.15. Overall dimensions: 600×410×2100mm

4.Composed of four systems

The system structural design adopts a single-column swing-head desktop design to ensure structural strength and facilitate cleaning. The transmission structure uses Taiwanese brand precision ball screws to transmit kinetic energy, and the speed control system uses an AC servo system to achieve precise control of displacement and pressure. The heating unit adopts spiral heating wire for overall heating, and the overall temperature of the barrel is uniform. The high-tech measurement and control system and software interface are simple and intuitive. You can set the test mode and related operating parameters, and display relevant curves and calculation results in real time.

5. Test projects.

5.1. Constant speed shear test: capable of measuring shear stress and shear rate curves, and shear viscosity and shear rate curves

5.2. Constant pressure shear test: capable of measuring shear viscosity and shear rate curves

5.3. Step shear rate test: Different shear rates can be set according to user requirements, and the shear stress and shear rate curves, and shear viscosity and shear rate curves can be measured, and according to the changes in the curves during the experiment To judge the melt fracture situation and the minimum flow pressure and shear rate of the melt.

a) Flow/no flow test: measure the relationship between viscosity and temperature, and can accurately determine the minimum flow temperature

b) Melt fracture and flow instability, study flow instability phenomena, including melt fracture and melt fracture.

6.Main configuration





Mechanical host

1 Set


High-precision temperature control detection system

1 Set


Imported servo controller

1 Set


Imported motors

1 Set


Limiting system of displacement stroke

1 Set


Displacement detection system

1 Set


High-precision pressure detection system

1 Set


Brand control computer

1 Set


Color inkjet printer

1 Set


Special measurement and control test software

1 Set


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