CS-8820S High Frequency Infrared Carbon Sulfur Analyzer

CS-8820S High Frequency Infrared Carbon Sulfur Analyzer
CS-8820S High Frequency Infrared Carbon Sulfur Analyzer
CS-8820S High Frequency Infrared Carbon Sulfur Analyzer


CS-8820S Carbon Sulfur Analyzer combines with high-frequency induction burner, it is a high-tech product the which based on light, machine, electricity, computer, analytical skills, it has characteristics of wide measuring range and the results of analysis is accuracy and reliable. Because of adopting computer technology, intelligent equipment, screen display, text and data collection, deal with problems and so on have reached the advanced the world level, more industries detect carbon and sulfur elements in this analysis equipment. The key components adopt high quality elements to ensure the instrument stability and high quality.



CS-8820S High-Frequency Infrared Carbon & Sulfur Analyzer is used to measure mass fraction of carbon and sulfur in steel, iron, alloy, casting core sand, nonferrous metals, cement, ceramics, inorganic matter and other materials.



Infrared Detect System
The core component of infrared detection pool adopts precious metal miniature infrared light source which is high efficient and long service life. The modulation system adopts high-precision stepper motor control by the micro controller. It is realized that long-term stability of the modulation frequency and infrared pyroelectric solid light cone sensor, Narrowband filters, these instruments make the host in high detect sensitivity, and it is effective way to detect carbon and sulfur content (ppm). it simplifies the hardware design, adding the whole host reliable and anti-interference ability.
1.The circuit design: the whole machine adopts modular design, highly integrated electronic circuits, it is very stable and reliable, meanwhile, it is adopted multi-level isolation so as to resolve high frequency interference thoroughly.
2.Sampling: it is adopted 32-bit sampling chip which belongs to America Analog Devices Company so it has fast speed and high precision.
The Communication: it is adopted USB new data exchange technology, so it greatly improves the communication speed.
The Power Supply: it is adopted high quality linear integrated military-grade power module, its output stable and there is no problem.
3.Light Source: special new type platinum infrared light source, it is efficient and its spectral stability.
4.The Analysis of pool: Gold-plated carbon and sulfur analysis pool and High-precision pyroelectric infrared detector.
5.The Motor: special aviation motor, its thermal stability well, it has a long service life.

High Frequency Burning System
1.High Frequency Circuit: it is adopted Self-excited directional coupler take power feedback, it ensures that output power is consistent, and it makes samples fully burned. It is stable.
2.High-frequency High Power Circuit Design: it is adopted 7.5kvA high-frequency pipe( actually its use power more than 2.5kvA, can not add sample with empty burn), it is reduced the load on high-frequency combustion systems, and it improves service life.
3.Military Products: Ceramic high-power tube and ceramic vacuum capacitor (100A)
4.High-frequency furnace output is power and power adjustable, it is suitable for all kinds of sample combustion analysis, a wide range of test materials, the whole machine adopts Import solenoid valve, high-frequency Ceramic power tube etc.
5.It adopts automatic cleaning of the burner and clean it up.
6.The control by electronic flow, the analysis of gas flow volume, the analysis of result is more stable and reliable.
7.The dust clean in the tube so as to improve measurement stable and precision.
8.The internal oxygen purification has advantages of analysis low content.
9.The main circuit overcurrent and timeout protection. When the loop current exceeds desired point or burning time more than 60s, the system cut the main circuit by itself, and this system can avoid high-power devices overheating damage, eliminating security risks. When the status of overcurrent disappears, the main circuit automatically resume normal.
10. The system of high-frequency combustion and infrared detection system adopt fiber connection, cutting off direct electrical connection between the two, avoiding the burning furnace or external circuit can produce interference by cable transfers to infrared monitoring system and improves the data stable.






Measurement Range

Carbon: 0.0001%-15.0000% (can be expanded to 99.9999%)

Sulfur: 0.0001%-10.0000% (can be expanded to 99.9999%)

Analysis Error

Up to standard of GB/T20123-2006/ISO153502000

Analysis Time

Adjustable within 25-60 s (Normally around 35 s)

High-Frequency Furnace

Power≥2.5kVA, Frequency: 18MHz

Electronic Scales

Non-quantitative weighing, Reading Precision:0.0001g

Working Environment

Room Temperature: 10-30, Relative Humidity: Less than 90%

Power Supply

It is required to keep good earthing. Voltage AC220V±5%, Frequency 50Hz±2%


Purity≥99.5%, Input Pressure: 0.18MPa±5%


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