HARTIP 1900 Portable Integrated Leeb Hardness Tester

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HARTIP 1900 Portable Integrated Leeb Hardness Tester

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HARTIP 1900 hardness tester is a portable integrated Leeb hardness tester that is specially designed to measure hardness of castings in HL (Leeb), HRB (Rockwell B), HB(Brinell).
It has more impact energy (90N) and large contact tip (dia.5mm) than normal. Therefore it can make test on machined surface or even roughness surface instead of polished or finished surface.
It is widely used for measuring hardness of large castings or raw materials at spot.
The HARTIP 1900 can make test at any angle without making setup for different impact direction. All readings can be downloaded to computer or printed out to microprinter wirelessly by Bluetooth.



  •  Rugged and Integrated design in aluminium housing
  •  Universal impact direction
  •  Dual hardness scales on display
  •  Four viewing orientation
  •  Shifting between large view & batch view
  •  Statistics value display automatically
  •  Upper or lower limit reminder
  •  High contrast OLED display
  •  Bluetooth interface for wireless transmission
  •  LI-ion rechargeable battery
  •  Abundant memory