HRS 150/45DX-ZXY Fully Automatic Rockwell Hardness Tester

Product description:

HRS 150/45DX-ZXY Fully Automatic Rockwell Hardness Tester

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Application Fields:

Industrial production, Inspection of product quality on processing technology. Ferrous and nonferrous metals, Hardened steel, tempered steel, annealed steel, hardened steel, sheet of various thicknesses, carbide materials, powder metallurgy materials, hardness and thermal spray coating.
Sheet metal, thin-walled pipe, hardened steel, and small parts of hardness.
Widely used in machinery manufacturing, metallurgy plants, universities, laboratories, etc.
Main Technical Specifications:
Conversion Scale Rockwell ,Brinell,Vickers
Application  Applied for repeatedly testing large quantity of specimens
Preload for
Rockwell hardness
98.1N (10kgf)
Main Force for
Rockwell hardness
Force error ≤0.5%
Preload for Superficial Rockwell hardness 29.4N(3kgf)
Main Force for
Superficial Rockwell hardness
Superficial Rockwell test range HR15N:70-94 HR30N:42-86 HR45N:20-77
HR15T:67-93 HR30T:29-82 HR45T:10-72
Dwelling Time   0~60s
Rockwell Scales HRA:20-96 HRB:20-100 HRC:20-70
HRD:40-77 HRE:70-100  HRF:60-100
HR G 30-94HRH:80-100 HRK:40-100
HRL:50-115  HRM:50-115  HRR:50-115
Carry Out Standard Chinese Standard GB/T230.1, GB/T230.2, JJG112 Inspection Rule, ASTM Standard
Max Height of Specimen   175mm, Added Height: 400mm
Distance between Indenter to outer wall  160mm
Specimen Rising Speed 3mm/s
Specimen Rising Up Automatically
Apply Initial Test Force Automatically
Apply Main Test Force Automatically
Specimen moving in X or Y Axis Automatically Move
Moving Precision in X or Y Axis 0.003mm
Travels in X or Y Axis Direction 100mm
Hardness Value Display Automatically
Hardness Value Exchange Automatically
Hardness Values Output Built-in Printer, RS232 Interface, Normal Printer
Hardness Statistic and Analysis With
Hardness Test Database Inquiry With
User’s Stipulated Inspection Report Automatically Form
Exchange Scales Superficial Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers
Readout Hardness Value Large Digital Display Screen
Overall Dimension (mm) 520x240x720mm
Power Supply AC220V
Net Weight of Main Tester About 65kg